Are You Aware of Agenda Geneve Week End ?

Don’t make your weekend boring as the wait for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are really long. To make you enjoy the same we have Agenda Geneve Week End with many exciting and thrilling shows ready. Here is the quick list for everyone and there are many more too.

Christian Coigny – Black and white photography was sometime before only form of photography. Though with time things have changed the essence of the same is restored by Christian Coigny. He is having total 30 years of experience in this field and you will get to admire the spectacular work for free. Yes, there are no tickets at all. His exhibitions are famous all around Europe and people all from the world come to visit the same. So, why don’t you be a part of this Agenda Geneve Week End and enjoy.

Fine Arts Collection Renewed – F. Hodler is no more with us and his presence is missed for sure. But his work is restored and you get the chance to see the same at this show. He is one of the respected painters of Swiss and is respected for his work. This weekend make sure to be part of this show and book your tickets now itself.

Africa. The Ecstatic Religions – The customs and traditions of Africa are delighted and can make anyone crazy. If you are also fond of this then get a chance to dive into the religions and mysticism of Africa without paying any money for the tickets. Do you want to know more about Agenda Geneve Week End then get yourself free this weekend and be a part of this show on the coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Le coach – There are so many things to do in everyday life and the blend of professional and personal life is nothing but is very difficult. What if you get a life coach who will guide you at every moment and will make your life easy and enjoyable? This theatre show revolves around the similar concept and it is surely going to have fun. Grab the tickets now and enjoy the experience with friends and family this upcoming weekend.

If you are not coming for Agenda Geneve Week End then surely you are ruining your weekends. Grab the complete information from our website that is with our ticket bookings. Here you will get the most up-to-date details of the shows.